Common objects that escorts get stuck up escorts bums and vaginas.

When escorts are constantly putting objects and toys into their bums and vaginas, there are always the stubborn ones that don’t want to come back out. Whilst it is considered to be an occupational hazard, it happens regularly. Sometimes needing medical treatment when objects have been inserted too far up the bum by an excited and over enthusiastic client. Escorts are very adventurous so it’s no surprise that strange objects get stuck during wild sexual encounters. We recommend that escorts should never place anything glass into their vaginas or bum because this has dangerous consequences!  

The most common objects to get stuck up escort’s bums and vaginas are condoms. This lubricated protection likes to slide off the penis whilst penetrating the vagina or anal passage and get lost into the hole of desire. You are not a true punter until you have stuck your fingers up an escorts vagina or ass to retrieve your condom!  

Ever noticed a foul and repulsive dead body small coming from an escort’s vagina? Very often they wear a tampon and forget it’s there! Along comes a client and has sex, not realising he is pushing the tampax further up to her cervix. The escort forgets about the tampon until she is warned of a putrid smell when the client is licking her pussy, weeks later. This always results in a trip to the sexual health nurse, who uses medical tweezers to take the old and moldy tampon out!  

Homemade but plugs with no flared base. The bum loves these toys because they slurp them right up. Then the escort has no way of getting them out apart from a trip to the hospital. Professional escorts always use butt plugs and anal toys that have a flared base, to avoid any embarrassing situations. This is mostly common with young escorts who have no experience or low-class prostitutes that cannot afford proper sex toys.  

Escorts commonly get pieces of fruit and vegetables stuck in their privates. Clients encourage them to masturbate with cucumbers, carrots and bananas. But as previously mentioned, because they have no flare, the fruit gets lost or stuck. It is very common for escorts to go to hospital to have cucumbers removed from their back passage.  

Escorts and their clients love to put long objects up their bums and vaginas. It has become increasingly popular within the escort booking to use metal shaving foam bottles. With embarrassing consequences of it becoming lost. If you are an escort, please do not experiment with this new trend! Hospitals have seen a large increase of escorts with shaving foam bottles stuck in their bums!

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