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A marathon clinic is a program that helps people train for a marathon. These clinics are typically led by experienced runners or coaches like Coach John, who provide guidance, training plans, and support to help participants reach their goal of completing a marathon.

Marathon clinics usually involve a structured training program that lasts several months and includes a combination of running, cross-training, and rest days. Participants meet regularly to run together, receive feedback on their form and technique, and learn about topics such as nutrition, hydration, injury prevention, and mental preparation.

The goal of a marathon clinic is to help runners gradually build up their endurance, strength, and confidence, so that they are able to complete a marathon successfully. Most marathon clinics are geared towards runners of all levels, from beginners to experienced runners, and are open to anyone who is interested in training for a marathon.

Joining a marathon clinic can be a great way to stay motivated, meet other runners, and receive expert guidance as you prepare for your first or next marathon.