What to do when you discover your girlfriend is an escort

It can be a huge shock to any man to discover that his girlfriend is working secretly as an escort. It is most likely that you will feel anger, jealousy and betrayal. You may feel like your girlfriend has cheated on you with other men. Your entire relationship will feel like it has been based upon lies. You have been in a relationship with your girlfriend who you never really knew. There will be a roller coaster of emotions!  

There will of course be lots of questions and answers needed. How long has your girlfriend been an escort? Does your girlfriend offer companionship only, or sexual services? Does she have a secret desire to be with other men, or female clients? What has she been doing with the money earnt? Who else knew about her secret escort job? Ultimately, why did she become an escort? You will question what you did wrong. You will fixate on the times that you questioned as to where she was going late at night. Your self-esteem will be shattered. Hypothetical situations will run through your mind such as does she have sexually transmitted diseases. If you have a child together, you may question who the father is.  

 Believe it or not, there are many men who discover that their girlfriend has been, or still are escorts and learn to accept it. For some relationships, it can be a huge turn on, no more lies and a great income. We would guess that she is earning more money than you, which will take away a lot of financial pressure for a future together. Imagine if you actually supported your girlfriends escort career! There would be huge benefits to continuing a relationship with her. It doesn’t mean you have to broadcast her career choice to friends and family. Together you could keep her secret. You may even find that you want to become a male escort and work with her. Together you could offer male-female bookings and earn a fantastic wage combined. Whilst enjoying an erotic time together.  

If after the above, you cannot come to terms that your girlfriend is an escort. If she will not willing to quit escorting to maintain a happy relationship on your part. Then you must end things amicably with her. There is no need to resort to revengeful acts of betrayal. There is no need to damage her reputation and tell everyone that you discovered she was an escort and dumped her. Even though you will feel embarrassment when people close to you both ask why you are finished. Also, feelings change and anger subsides in time. Later down the line, you may find that the shocking discovery doesn’t bother your emotions anymore. Which is a natural reaction.  

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